The NTU CMOS Emerging Technology Group kicked off in October 2009 and has grown substantially over the years. We have talented researchers from all over the world. Our research focus is to develop CMOS Emerging Technologies for smart energy-efficient data analytics, links and sensors, which mainly include following research perspectives:

1. High-speed data links (3D-IC, THz plasmonic) for data server;

2. Energy-efficient data analytics accelerator (CNN/BNN/TNN machine learning SoC);

3. Multi-modal data sensors (pH, image, THz, nanopore) for personalized biomedical diagnosis.

Our objective is to provide both academia and industry with a platform of innovations and services on CMOS based emerging technologies. Our group has close collaboration inside NTU, A*STAR, and universities in USA/China. Our projects are currently sponsored by NRF (CRP, POC), MOE (TIER-1,2) and industry paterners (Intel, Huawei, TSMC, JTC etc.).