Principal Investigator

YU, Hao  (Assistant Professor)

School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

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Dr. Yu obtained his B.S. degree from Fudan University (Shanghai China) in 1999, with 4-year first-prize Guanghua scholarship and 1-year Samsung scholarship for the outstanding student in science and engineering. After selected by mini-cuspea program, he spent some time in New York University, and obtained M.S/Ph. D degrees both from electrical engineering department at UCLA in 2007, with major of integrated circuit and embedded computing. He was a senior research staff at Berkeley Design Automation (BDA) since 2006, one of top-100 start-ups selected by Red-herrings at Silicon Valley. Since October 2009, he is an assistant professor at school of electrical and electronic engineering, and also as area director of VIRTUS IC Design, VALENS Biomedical Research Center, as well as IoT Cluster Director of Energy Research Institute, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.


Dr. Yu has 210 peer-reviewed and referred publications [conference (145) and journal (65)], 7 books, 8 book chapters, 1 best paper award in ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES), 1 Springer PhD thesis award (advisor), 3 best paper award nominations (DAC’06, ICCAD’06, ASP-DAC’12), 3 student paper competition finalists (SiRF’13, RFIC’13, IMS’15), 2 keynote talks, 1 inventor award from semiconductor research cooperation (SRC), and 20 granted patents. He is Distinguished Lecturer of IEEE Circuit and System (2017-),  Associate Editor of Elsevier Integration, the VLSI Journal (2016-), Elsevier Microelectronics Journal (2016-), Nature Scientific Reports (2016-), ACM Trans. on Embedded Computing Systems (2017-) and IEEE Trans. on Biomedical Circuits and Systems (2017-), and Technical Program Committee member of several conferences (DAC’15-16, DATE’15-17, ICCAD’10-12, ISLPED’13-15’17, ASP-DAC’11-13’15-16, A-SSCC’13-17, APMC’17, BioCAS’16, ICCD’11-13, ISCAS’10-13, RFIT’15,IWS’13-14, NANOARCH’12-13, ISQED’09). His main research interest is about smart energy-efficient data analytics, links and sensors with multi-million government (PI of 1 NRF-CRP, 2 MOE-TIER-2 etc.) and industry (Intel, Huawei, JTC etc.) funding. His industry work at BDA is also recognized with an EDN magazine innovation award and multi-million venture capital funding. He is a senior member of IEEE and member of ACM.

Postgraduate Students


1. HUANG, Hantao (PhD): BS from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), EDB-MediaTek JIP

2. NI, Leibin (PhD): BS from Shanghai Jiaotong University (China), NRF-CRP RSS

3. LIU, Zichuan (PhD): BS from Jilin University (China), NTU-iFood RSS

4. LIU, Wenye (PhD): MS from HKUST (HK-SAR), MOE-TIER-2 RSS

5. JIANG, Yu (PhD): MS from Fudan University (China), NTU-CINTRA RSS

6. XU, Hang (MEng): BS from Wuhan University(China), Industry funding (JTC-Singapore)

7. RAI, Suleman Khalid (MEng): BS from University of Waterloo (Canada), Industry funding (JTC-Singapore)

8. HU, Yifei (MS): BS from Wuhan University(China)

9. WU, Zhenyu (MS): BS from Wuhan University(China)


1. FEI, Wei (PhD): BS from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), Start-up-grant NTU-RSS, graduated in 2014

2. WANG, Yuhao (PhD): BS from Xi'an Jiao Tong University (China), MOE-TIER2-RSS, graduated in 2015

3. P. D. Sai Manoj (PhD): MS from IIIT-Bangalore (India), MOE-TIER2-RSS, graduated in 2015

4. HUANG, Xiwei (PhD): BS from Beijing Institute of Technology (China), Start-up-grant NTU-RSS, graduated in 2015

5. SHANG, Yang (PhD): BS/MS from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), EDB-ADVANTEST-JIP, graduated in 2015

6. CAI, Yuehua (MEng): BS from Huazhong University of Science and Technology (China), graduated in 2016

7. QIU, Danqing (MS): graduated in 2013

8. GANESAN, Vivek (MS): graduated in 2013

9. YANG, Huan (MS): graduated in 2016


Research Staffs


1. FENG, Guangyin (Research Fellow): PHD from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

2. FU, Xiaojian (Research Fellow): PHD from Tsinghua University (China)

3. Alit Apriyana (Research Fellow): PHD from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

4. ABHIK DAS (Research Fellow): PHD from Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)

5. CHEN, Qian (Project Officer): BS from Huazhong University of Technology (China)

6. LUO, Jiang (Project Officer): BS from Wuhan University (China)

7. SU, Guodong (Project Officer): MS from Hangdian University (China)


1. ZHANG, Chun (Research Fellow): Now Research Engineer at Xilinx in USA

2. WANG, Kanwen (Research Fellow): Now Research Engineer at Huawei Shannon Lab 

3. LIU, Xu (Research Fellow): Now Faculty at Beijing Technological University in China

4. FU, Haipeng (Research Associate): Now Faculty at Tianjin University in China

5. NADIPALLI, Revanth (Research Associate): Now Consultant Engineer in Australia

6. CAI, Deyun (Research Associate): Now Staff Engineer at Cadence 

7. ZHANG, Yonghao (Research Associate): Now Staff Engineer at IC startup in Singapore

8. WANG, Fei (Research Associate): Now Staff Engineer at IC startup 

9. WU, Wei (Project Officer): Now PhD at UCLA in USA

10. SONG, Yang (Project Officer): Now PhD at UCSD in USA

11. GUO, Jing (Project Officer): Now MS at ASU in USA

12. ZHANG, Wenjuan (Project Officer): Now PhD at USTC in China

13. WU, Sih-Sian (Project Officer): Now PhD at NTU in Taiwan

14. JIA, Qixiang (Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at Realsil Microelectronics 

15. LI, Peng (Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at RDA 

16. CHEN, Shuai (Project Officer):Now Staff Engineer at Baidu

17. WANG, Xiaolong (Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at HiVision

18. JIN, Xin (Project Officer) Now Staff Engineer at IC startup

19. MA, Shunli (Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at IC startup

20. XU, Dongjun (Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at IC startup

21. LI, Nan(Project Officer): Now Staff Engineer at IC startup

Undergraduate Students


1. Wu Zhenyu - undergraduate student (WHU-FYP) at NTU, 01/2016

2. Hu Yifei - undergraduate student (WHU-FYP) at NTU, 01/2016

3. Liu Yutong - undergraduate student (WHU-FYP) at NTU, 01/2016



1. MUHAMMAD, Khalid Bin Raja Abd Aziz (FYP): Now at Alstom Grid

2. HUANG, Hantao (URECA/FYP): Now PhD at NTU

3. BHAR, Radhika (URECA)

4. NIU, Chao (FYP)

5. ANG, Yew Swee (FYP)

6. WANG, Xiaochen (FYP): Now at SinPower

7. SEOW, Yi Da (FYP): Now at Infineon

8. ASHOK, Kavya (FYP): Now at Georgia Tech.

9. He, Yizhou (URECA)

10. Arvind Bogavaram Ramesh (URECA)

11. Yang Huan (WHU-FYP): Now PhD at  at NTU

12. Liu Xiaochuan (WHU-FYP): Now PhD at  at NTU

13. Xu Hang (WHU-FYP): Now MEng at  at NTU


15. Low Guoliang (FYP): Now at SinPower