Smart energy-efficient data analytics, links and sensors

A. Exascle Data Server

A.1 2.5D/3D I/O Integration

A.2 Non-volatile In-Memory Computing

B. THz Radio

B.1 CMOS RF/MM-wave/THz Integrated Circuits

B.2 Analog/RF System Modeling and Verification

C. Smart Multi-modal Sensor

C.1 Energy Autonomous IoT Sensor

C.2 Lab-on-chip Biomedical Sensor

Research Grants

A. Research Agency Funding

  1. National research foundation CRP fund 2016: CMOS Terahertz Interconnect towards Tera-scale Personalized Cloud Server, (Program PI Yu Hao)
  2. National research foundation SERTD fund 2016: Smart multi-layer energy system, (sub-project 5 PI Yu Hao)
  3. National research foundation SERTD fund 2016: Smart multi-layer energy system, (sub-project 4 PI Yu Hao)
  4. Ministry of education Tier-2 fund 2016: Sparse-represented Non-volatile In-memory Accelerator for Big-Data Analytics, (PI Yu Hao)
  5. Ministry of education Tier-1 fund 2015: Design of THz interconnect by meta-devices, (PI Yu Hao)
  6. MIT-SMART POC fund 2015: Non-invasive CMOS THz imager, (PI Yu Hao)
  7. iFood fund 2014: Food Toxin Pre-screening by High-throughput and Accurate Ion-channel Diagnosis Using Large Arrayed CMOS ISFET Sensor, (PI Yu Hao)
  8. National research foundation CRP fund 2013: Magnetic Domain Wall Logic Gate Device (Co-PI Yu Hao, PI  Lew Wen Siang)
  9. National research foundation POC fund 2012: Ion Camera: A Real-Time High-sensitivity and High-resolution ISFET-based on Ion Detection System for Food and Drug Safety (Co-PI Yu Hao, PI Yeo Kia Seng)
  10. A*STAR public sector fund 2012: Power-efficient Multicore Scalable System for Cloud Computing Using Emerging Technologies (Co-PI Yu Hao, PI Zhang Wei)
  11. Energy research institute @ NTU (ERI@N) research seed fund 2012: Home energy management system (PI Yu Hao)
  12. Ministry of education Tier-2 fund 2011: A 3D Design Platform of Multi-Processor System-on-Chip For New Media Application (PI Yu Hao)
  13. Ministry of education Tier-1 fund 2011: Design Exploration for High Data-rate Wireless Communication Systems at 60GHz for New Media Applications (PI Yu Hao)
  14. Ministry of defense DIRP fund 2010: Vertical Integration of MEMS and ASIC (Co-PI Hao Yu, PI Tan Chuan Seng)
  15. National research foundation POC fund, 2010: Rapid Design Verification Platform for Analog/ RF Circuits Beyond the Scale of 65nm and 60GHz (PI Yu Hao)

B. Industry Funding

  1. Intel Research Lab, Fast Zontoope-based Reachability Analysis for Analog Circuits with Variations, Intel Corporation, USA (PI Yu Hao)
  2. Huawei Shannon Lab, Memory Computing Architecture based on Low Power Dissipation of Intra-Chip Interconnection,  China (PI Yu Hao)
  3. Huawei Shannon Lab: In-memory-computing Data-storage System for Big-data Applications, S$ 185,000, China (PI Yu Hao)
  4. JTC I3C funding: Smart Building Management System with Dynamic Indoor Occupant Positioning System (DIOPS), Singapore (PI Yu Hao)
  5. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd: Provision of In-kind Multi-projects Wafer Fabrication Service - CyberShuttle by TMSC (Projects 1, 4 and 5), Taiwan (PI Yu Hao)
  6. Chinese Electronic and Technology Company (CETC): Advanced SOC Image Sensor Chip Design, China (PI Yu Hao)
  7. HiSilicon Technology Inc. collaboration research fund 2012: 60GHz Metamaterial-Based Power Amplifier Design, China (PI Yu Hao)
  8. Bio-X(s) Inc. collaboration research fund 2012: ISFET CMOS Sensor, Singapore (PI Yu Hao)